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We believe in football as the perfect sport fulfilling dreams. All kind of dreams at different stages in life. You might be a young male or female being good at football wanting a new club in your own country or to play in another country and also very curious about a new life somewhere else. There are clubs around the world in different amateur and professional leagues looking for skilled players and good persons that would be an asset to their team. Maybe you are the one they are looking for.

You might be an established player looking for a change and play in a different country. Or you are an excellent player, with your own agent, in a top club interested in seeing if there is some better alternatives.

Nevertheless, how good you are at football we will do our best to fulfill your wishes and dreams!

By using our free of charge MemberPlayer services you increase your chances to play football where you want! Apply now to become a MemberPlayer at Click here to apply! It´s for free!

We serve footballclubs, agents, footballrepresentatives in their search of finding the right players around the world. It can be for lower rank league amateur clubs or top rank professional clubs. Are you looking for players? If yes, sign up to apply to become a MemberClient at, Click here

We are not an agent, club or football player…. We are a matchmaking service, making it possible for you to get in contact with each other. Doing this, we believe football around the world will develop and not at least players as individuals.

Also please, don´t forget to check out our Terms & Policies.

Welcome to enjoy our services!
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